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Stargate Summer Artwork: Deep Trouble
Title: Deep Trouble
Author(s): roeskva
Artist(s): xenharmonica
Fandom(s): Stargate SG-1
Pairings: Sam/Jolinar/Martouf/Lantash
Artist's Notes: For stargate_summer. Thanks for being so patient with me, Roeskva!


Jolinar carefully touched her split lip, then absentmindedly studied the blood on her hand, before looking towards her visitors. She winced a little as she stretched, still sore from a kick to her ribs. Her left eye was swollen and partially closed, but she still managed to give Daniel and the others a glare that dared them to pity her. "Doctor Jackson." She nodded at him. "Teal'c - and Colonel O'Neill." She greeted them as well, but ignored the guards, who had been there earlier. "What is your business here?"


The wormhole kawosh'ed and the event horizon had barely stabilized when the first people came through.

"Jaffa!" Teal'c called out.

"Fall back!" O'Neill yelled. "Ready claymores!" They ran back a few more feet. "Blow them!"

The claymores that had been buried in front of the Stargate exploded, sending the Jaffa flying. More stepped through, and another round of explosions were set off.

(Sorry, pic 3 is still a little behind schedule! I will post it here once it's done.)

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Great, awesome art! Thank you for drawing it for my fic!

Thank you! It was a pleasure to illustrate. I love fics that focus on the Tok'ra, they're a fascinating alien race and I love your take on them. I wish we'd seen more of Jolinar in canon.

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