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Marvel Bang Art: Distance Into Miles
Title: Distance Into Miles
Author: circ_bamboo
Fandom/Universe: Marvel Avengers Movies Universe/MCU
Characters/Pairings: Tony/Pepper/Bruce; Jarvis, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, and Natasha Romanoff all show up briefly.
Warnings: Some mention of PTSD; NC-17 rating (threesome sex)
Summary: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner are all, well, not completely mentally healthy people. But it takes less time than one might think for them all to end up together. At the same time, the Avengers manage to reassemble as a team, rather than just as people. Pepper's there for all of it.


She heard Tony’s voice almost before she saw him, and it almost made her break down--almost--but she couldn’t, and Tony wasn’t alone, anyway. He was draped over the shoulder of an unassuming-looking man, dark hair going gray around the edges, wearing all black. “--and the bedrooms are down the hall to the left, or maybe to the right, and at least--Pepper!” Tony said, obviously surprised. “You didn’t answer your phone.”


“You’re not supposed to be looking at his medical records, Stark,” Fury said.

“Yeah, I know, but you’re not supposed to be lying to us and saying that Agent Coulson is dead when he isn’t, so we’ll call it a moot point. When are visiting hours?” Tony said.

Fury stared at him. “There are no visiting hours. This is SHIELD Medical.”

“And in exchange for not severing all of SI’s contracts with SHIELD, we’ll graciously accept your offer of two PM to four PM every day, and then noon to six on weekends,” Pepper said.

Fury glared at her for a full thirty seconds, and then stalked off.


Tony did, indeed, steal all the covers; when Pepper woke up, Sunday morning, she saw him wrapped up like a burrito. She was warm enough, though, because she was still tucked against Bruce. He didn’t appear to have moved the entire night, which probably meant his arm was numb, and although she was very comfortable, she carefully untangled herself from him and traced a line down the side of his face.

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No, thank you for giving me such an awesome story to work with! :D

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